22 January 2010

Meet My Great, Great Grandfather from Ireland

I know my father is Robert J. (1934-), my grandfather is Joseph H. (1908-1985), and my great grandfather is Frank J. (1859-1918). I think my great, great grandfather is John Hogan (1830?-1874?).

As the entries from the 1870 U.S. Census show, John was married to Jane nee Bartley (1830?-1904) and had four children: Mary, Frank J. (my great grandfather), John, and Nellie. Both John and Jane were reportedly born in Ireland; all four children were reportedly born in Illinois. From at least 1875, they lived at 1603 East Adams Street in Springfield.

According to the 1870 census, John was a day laborer. It appears that he died sometime before 1875, since Jane is listed as a widow in the 1875 Springfield Directory. Their daughter Mary was a dressmaker, son Frank (my great grandfather) a laborer, and son John a lamplighter, according to the directory. In 1900, Jane still lived on East Adams with Frank, who was an engineer for the Capital Coal Company, and Nellie, who was a millner for A.V. Young.