29 October 2006

Hea Sõbrad Ameerikast ja Eestist

Like a rare coin collector, or a young outfielder with a baseball card collection, or even a collector of fine art from dynasties long ago, I am very excited to have these two pictures and, more importantly, to display them next to each other.

On the left are my good friends Emily, Doreen, Ian, and Ed Keating (l-r) of Geneva, Illinois, and on the right are the wonderful women of the public library right here in Tapa, including Kersti Burk (third from l) and Ere Käärmaa (third from r).

Having known Ed since I was in high school, Doreen since she married Ed, and Emily and Ian since they were born and having had Kersti and Ere keep me abreast of all things cultural for the last seven years, all of these people been a great support for me in many of the crazy things I have done, including returning to Tapa to teach English.

For Breakfast?

21 October 2006

A story must have a place and time, and sooner or later, the audience, through words or actions or pictures, must recognize that place and time. Without place and time, the story is incomplete and the audience is confused.

A director's interpretation of a story may change the author's place and time but only to retell the story to another audience, to emphasize the story's theme, or to present a variation on the theme for the audience's consideration.

Who'da Thunk Tapa Was at the End of the Rainbow

This rainbow appeared 06.10.06, and I took its picture from my balcony. Another one appeared 07.10.06, and I figured I was indeed in the right place.

02 October 2006

Quintessential Estonia

The Estonia that tugs at my heart is about the land and about "taking" potatoes from it, with the neverending sky above and patches of autumn colors in the background.