06 October 2007

You Just Never Know For Sure about Estonia

Well, damn. I got to see Brooke Burns on Estonian television in July. Unfortunately, there were more twists and turns in one episode of Hawaiian Paradise (North Shore in the US) than on a roller coaster at New York New York (check out the video). I was so sea sick (yes, I'm mixing my methaphors) after a half-dozen episodes that I stopped watching it. I understand that Nicole married the guy, and just when they could have lived happily ever after (the show was cancelled), the guy's car exploded. Just so nothing happened to Brooke's legs, posture, and smile (yes, in that order).

Now, out of the blue, much to my delight, Eddy Monsoon and Patsy Stone have stumbled onto Estonian television! I guess Patsy really sort of does look like Brooke, but Patsy...Patsy doesn't have Brooke's smile!