16 December 2006

All Shapes and Sizes

My friends in Estonia come in all shapes and sizes.
Here I am with a few of them: one with a little bit of fur on him and one covered in a little bit of rasberry jam.
A couple of months ago, I was at Palmse Mõis in the Estonia's Lahemaa Rahvuspark (or National Park) - not too far from Tapa. Palmse is a beautiful manor on 11,000 hectares of land, that was built in the 1780s and restored in the 1970s and 1980s. On the second floor, in the study, covering an entire wall, there's an exquisite, 150-year-old, hand-made map of the entire estate.
In the cellar, through a couple of low arches, there's a maze of doors. You open the first door and find yourself in a dark rectangle with four, eight-foot doors on every side of you. Only one door will open and take you to the next rectangle, where you find to find the door that will open and take you to the next cube of doors. It takes about 10, maybe 15 minutes, to get through the entire maze.